As an online business, you have a few options when it comes to your marketing. You can either attempt to do this yourself, or you can hire a professional to do it for you. Most often, new businesses that are just starting out online, have a tight budget, and indeed cannot afford to hire high powered professionals. This leaves the business owner no alternative, but to do the majority of the marketing work themselves. Using this tactic means that more time rather than money is going to be expended. The best approach to online marketing is to focus on digital marketing, which may come with a learning curve.

Getting the Attention

Successful marketing is all about getting the attention of your target market and getting them to follow through with some form of action. In most cases, this action is to make a purchase. As a business owner, you have to form a marketing approach that is ongoing. There is no downtime to marketing. When marketing to the average adult, statistics show that you have approximately six to eight seconds to garner their attention. Therefore, your marketing message has got to be powerful enough to fit in with this period. The cliché of keeping it short and sweet is the focus here.

Your Outreach

The internet is massive, and when one thinks about marketing on this platform, it can become a little overwhelming. What the business owner has to do, is narrow down their thinking, as to who their target market is, and which is the quickest way to be able to reach them. This means doing some research, to know where the target market is. It comes down to really knowing the wants and needs of the target market.

Don’t Forget About On Land Marketing

While the main focus is going to be on the digital marketing, on land marketing tactics should not be forgotten about. There are some great opportunities for on land businesses to be able to do this. It is a matter of something as simple as putting up flyers and posters in public areas or making sure that one hands out their business card, whenever the opportunity to do so arises.


One of the mistakes that many new business owners make, when it comes to marketing, is to try and go it alone. Every business has a group of associates and contacts, and this can be considered their network. By reaching out to these individuals, agreements can often be made to market one another’s interests.