As with any application on the web, it is built on a foundation. This applies to marketing as well. The question that many have now is, has the foundation of marketing changed, and if so how, and by how much?

Past Marketing

Before the internet, all marketing campaigns were carried out in an on-land format. Once the internet arrived, and businesses started to make their presence there, it created a whole new world for marketing tactics. One thing that was most notable for many businesses was that online marketing was much cheaper than on-land marketing. However, with it, came a whole new learning curve.

It basically came down to money for traditional on-land marketing. For the internet, it came down to time and finding the right platforms and the right concept. Part of the foundation for online marketing was learning how to use the technology, that could make or break it.

Present-Day Marketing

What has not changed in present-day marketing, is that the technology still has to be used, and it is still time-consuming. Also, it does remain to be a cheaper form compared to traditional on-land marketing. However, because of the competition that is online, it is now costing more to do effective marketing. This is because many businesses have to use paid platforms as part of their marketing campaign, as well as utilising the expertise of professionals.

Many businesses are finding that they have to rely on more professionals to help with their marketing. These include:

  • Technical assistance
  • Communicators
  • Brand storytellers.

So, although the foundation for marketing still remains the same, it is the approach that has changed.

Marketing in the Future

What many have noticed, is that there are consistent trends taking place within the marketing realm. There are many predictions that marketing will change substantially in the future. These changes will be those that revolve around digital marketing.

There is undoubtedly some controversy as to whether these changes will be for good or for the bad. For businesses, they consider it to be a hassle, as it means making a lot of changes in their marketing portfolio. For the clients who are the target market, it is deemed as a good thing, as people like change.

What most experts are predicting, is that one change that should not take place is to move away from keeping it simple. The marketing messages, if they become too complicated, are going to lead to confusion, which is not going to boost the marketing efforts. It is up to each individual business owner to know what the wants and needs are of their clients and to change marketing tactics when and if needed. The marketing approach has to be the same, but it always has to remain interesting.