Not only does a new business owner have to be in tune with the importance of marketing, but they also have to learn how to become aware of the different types of marketing that they perhaps should be involved in. Every business is different, and it’s these differences that dictate the kind of marketing campaign that should be set up.

Digital Marketing

The first thing that the online business owner has to familiarise themselves with is digital marketing. This is because digital marketing utilises some form of electronic device or more commonly the internet. Many different channels are utilised for digital marketing campaigns. These include:

  • Search engines
  • Social media
  • Directories
  • Email
  • Content writing

Which of these platforms the business is going to use, is going to require some thought and planning, and the building of a marketing portfolio. The main focus of the digital marketing, is to be sure that it is going to be presented to the right audience, which is the target market, in the right places, and at the right time. A business owner can use several of these platforms all at the same time, or individually, for their digital marketing.

Brand Marketing

Not only does a company want to market to increase sales, but they also want to market to increase brand awareness. Therefore, the focus has to be on brand marketing: which requires a different approach. With this type of marketing, the same target market is going to be the focus. It is the message that is going to be delivered that may be different.

The short-term goal here is to inform people about your brand in a positive manner. You as the business owner have to be able to define your brand. This means looking at it from the eyes of a customer. It has to be thought of as a separate entity to you.

When developing your marketing message, you want to focus on how you can build long-term relationships, as well as develop consistency in your message. At the same time, the message has to have the same concept, but change each time a new marketing campaign is launched for brand marketing.