A business owner undoubtedly has to wear many different hats when it comes to running their business. Most often, small businesses are on a budget and don’t have the extra dollars to spend on marketing needs. This responsibility will fall on the unwilling shoulders of the owner. It can be overwhelming and perplexing and is the main reason as to why this site has been developed.

The purpose of this informative website is to offer a common sense approach to marketing, that takes away the confusion of this critical task. There is a tremendous amount of information already on the internet about this topic. So much in fact, that it could take months for the new business owner to grasp it all. Here on this site, the information about marketing, which is really important, has been condensed, so the business owner can take it, and start applying it almost immediately.

Points of Interest

There are several interesting and important posts here, which are structured to inform the interested person, as to how they can begin their marketing efforts, without spending a fortune, to get some good results.

  • Marketing Changes: By understanding what the foundation of marketing is, it will allow the new marketer to keep their campaigns on track. There are always new trends that are taking place, which is excellent because the target markets always like something new. But, the very basis of marketing, which is its purpose, cannot be overlooked. The post we have provided here, explains the foundation in simple detail.
  • Influencer Marketing: Some business owners simply do not have the time or inclination to develop large marketing portfolios. What we have done here, is to bring attention to just one form of marketing, that may work well for some businesses. This is influencer marketing, and it has become a buzzword in recent years. At the very least, this post will give some good insight into what this is, and help the business owner decide if this is a tactic that would work for them.
  • Simple Marketing: To allow our readers to get right down to the basics of marketing, as quickly as possible, we have put a how-to post here, that is easy to follow and is quite informative.
  • The Importance: With marketing being something that can be so overwhelming, there is a tendency for some business owners just to brush it aside. Our post here emphasises the importance of marketing so the reader will not be tempted to disregard it.
  • Types of Marketing: There are options when it comes to marketing, and the information we have provided here, highlights some of these choices.
  • Promotional Marketing: Many business owners are comfortable with promotions. This post will explain how promotions can be used for marketing and may serve as a great starting point for the new business person.